Throwing Out the Master’s Tools and Building a Better House

By Rebecca Solnit ZNet Violence Is Conventional Violence is what the police use. It’s what the state uses. If we want a revolution, it’s because we want a better world, because we think we have a bigger imagination, a more beautiful vision. So we’re not violent; we’re not like them in crucial ways. When I see a New York City […]

When they kick at your front door, how you gonna come? – Pacifism versus reality

Cautiously pessimistic (blog) The Occupy movements that have spread across the world over the last few months have many features that are appealing from an anarchist perspective, or at least from this particular anarchist’s perspective. For example, the movement’s embrace of open discussion and non-hierarchical structures is a big draw, especially when compared to the unions and other traditional organisations […]

Against the Dogmatic Fetishization of Non-Violence

by edaverynatale on Wed, 11/16/2011 Occupy Philly Media Note: Nothing contained within here is meant to spur anyone to commit acts of violence.  While I am a defender of violence and threats thereof as a tactic, I do not necessarily believe that our movement is in a place to begin committing these acts (though I think we should stand in […]

Occupy Wall Street Marks One Month

October 17, 2011 Occupations Spread to Over 100 US Cities Movement For Economic Justice Gains Global Momentum Liberty Square, New York, NY — One month ago today about 2,000 people rallied in Lower Manhattan and marched up Broadway. Stopping at Zuccotti Park an estimated 150 stayed the night and began an encampment. Renaming the space “Liberty Square,” we kicked off […]

Justified Rage from an Unsafe Space: Reflection on Occupy Wall Street

By Charlene Obernauer Many Peoples, Many Identities: Racism and Sexism Within the Occupation It’s been over a month since the Occupy Wall Street Movement began. Like many others; despite my active involvement and overall support, OWS has both inspired and enraged me. It’s made me remember why I became an organizer. And it’s made me realize why sometimes, I want […]

From Occupation to the General Strike

Ideas and Action (WSA) With several months of preparation and one month of action, Occupy Wall Street has accomplished what years of conventional activism has failed to do–spark a populist political awakening against the ruling class. The 99ers have captured the imagination of regular Americans from every background and point of view, unified by a general disgust with the upper […]

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Reflections for the US Occupy Movement

Reflections for the US Occupy Movement From Barcelona’s Neighborhood Assemblies by PETER GELDERLOOS CounterPunch October 14, 2011 Barcelona. Before the Spanish call-out for a global day of action on October 15, a few critical notes and words of encouragement from the Barcelona neighborhood assemblies… After the courageous revolts of the Arab Spring, the next phenomenon of popular resistance to capture […]

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Occupy4GeneralStrike (#HitEmWhereItHurts)

Occupy4GeneralStrike (#HitEmWhereItHurts) by Mickey Z. October 19, 2011 Mickey Z. “A strike is an incipient revolution. Many large revolutions have grown out of a small strike.” – William “Big Bill” Haywood The whole world is watching (and is way ahead of us) Thanks to the popularity of my recent articles here at Fair Share of the Common Heritage, I found […]

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#Occupy Phoenix: Radicals, Police, Nonviolence

October 15th 2011 in Phoenix Arizona was a pivotal day for the Occupy movement. A new generation and allies rising up to confront capital made radical decisions through directly democratic means.  A mass meeting of at least 300 decided to create a temporary group with open membership that would ask the city manager if we could stay in the park. The otherhalf […]

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